Oscar Francois Products Christmas Guide

As we prepare to celebrate this auspicious period on the calendar, ensuring the house is spic and span is a top priority for many. To assist you in your efforts, Oscar Francois Limited has a range of household supplies and products from which to choose for your every cleaning needs. We have also added some fun engaging solutions that will give you an opportunity to win some fabulous hampers for this Holiday Season.

‘Tis the Season to bring out the best: If you are reusing curtains, bringing out the special bed linens and fancy tablecloths, make sure you not only get the best clean but also the best scent with Purex. For all your washing needs this Christmas, ensure you choose Purex. It’s the smart way to do laundry! While you prepare to do your laundry with Purex, let’s test your memory skill for a chance to win a Purex Hamper. Click here 

Purex Powder Detergent helps whiten and brighten your colour clothing while Purex Mountain Breeze is great for fighting stains. Purex also has options for those with sensitive skin. To explore these options, click here.

Wondering how to deal with stubborn stains from those Post-Christmas and New Year’s meals? Wonder no more, all you may need is that extra-strong Oxi Clean stain remover, so keep your Oxi Clean close and enjoy the moments. For Oxi Clean tips on removing stain click here. 

Do you enjoy sparkling rooms everywhere? No room in the house will escape the ritual cleaning and Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is the only ammunition you need in your cleaning arsenal. You can use it to clean your bathroom and floor tiles, deodorize your refrigerator and carpet, polish your silverware, and clean your drains—there are hundreds of ways Arm & Hammer Baking Soda can make your Christmas chores easy. Not to mention, as you complete your Christmas chores, you can bring out the creativity within you, by downloading our Holiday Gift Guide. Click here to download. You can also enter for a chance to win that Arm & Hammer hamper by testing your memory with this game. Click here to play

Renuzit, for that fresh and clean scent: With scents like Lovely Lavender, After the Rain, and Blissful Apple Cinnamon, Renuzit air fresheners have the fragrances you need to enhance the results of your hard work. This Christmas, treat your family to freshness in every room!

Glow up for the ‘Gram: If you plan to document your festivities this season with photos and videos, look your best with the Diquez range of beauty products such as the Cocoa Butter to keep your skin hydrated or the versatile Baby Oil that could also be used to keep your skin and hair shiny and soft. You should have glowing skin all year round! Diquez – a tradition of love! For a listing of all our brands that will help you with your Christmas chores click here.

For Diquez product listing click here

As we celebrate this holiday season, remember to practice your social distancing and keep safe.

Save this Season…with Oscar Francois