MPower Landing Page Solution

Mpower Proximity Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of its Landing page Solution, MPower Landing Pages.

It’s the ideal solution for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Data Caption
  • Survey
  • Competition and Promotions
  • Coupon & Loyalty Distribution



Some of the features include the incorporation of

  • Images
  • Forms
  • Image Upload (great for proof of purchase)
  • General text
  • Social Media Handles
  • Digital Coupons & Loyalty Program
  • General Promotional Platform.

Integrated into the solution is the option to distribute our coupons, vouchers, loyalty, or general promotion.

The Landing Pages can be distributed using:

  • QR Codes
  • Share through Social Media
  • Website Integration
  • Shortened Link

Get your promotion started today with MPower Landing Pages.

Click here to see a sample landing Page

For a trial, contact 1-868-393-0680 or

Vehicle Safety Tips

As we go about our daily routine, it is important that we exercise some safety and security vehicle tips.

The following tips serve just as a reminder as you may already be familiar with these.

Car Safety & Security Tips:

  1. Don’t leave valuables exposed in your vehicle.
  2. Park your vehicle in a secure location.
  3. Ensure the area is adequately lit if you are returning at nightfall.
  4. Keep your doors and windows locked.
  5. Install a GPS Tracking System.
  6. Never leave your vehicle running when unattended.
  7. Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol.
  8. Place an etching or special marking on your vehicle.
  9. Plan your route.
  10. Be aware of your surrounding at all times.

To benefit from a 20% discount coupon on your GPS Vehicle tracker, click here

20% GPS Tracker Coupon

Oscar Francois Products Christmas Guide

As we prepare to celebrate this auspicious period on the calendar, ensuring the house is spic and span is a top priority for many. To assist you in your efforts, Oscar Francois Limited has a range of household supplies and products from which to choose for your every cleaning needs. We have also added some fun engaging solutions that will give you an opportunity to win some fabulous hampers for this Holiday Season.

‘Tis the Season to bring out the best: If you are reusing curtains, bringing out the special bed linens and fancy tablecloths, make sure you not only get the best clean but also the best scent with Purex. For all your washing needs this Christmas, ensure you choose Purex. It’s the smart way to do laundry! While you prepare to do your laundry with Purex, let’s test your memory skill for a chance to win a Purex Hamper. Click here 

Purex Powder Detergent helps whiten and brighten your colour clothing while Purex Mountain Breeze is great for fighting stains. Purex also has options for those with sensitive skin. To explore these options, click here.

Wondering how to deal with stubborn stains from those Post-Christmas and New Year’s meals? Wonder no more, all you may need is that extra-strong Oxi Clean stain remover, so keep your Oxi Clean close and enjoy the moments. For Oxi Clean tips on removing stain click here. 

Do you enjoy sparkling rooms everywhere? No room in the house will escape the ritual cleaning and Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is the only ammunition you need in your cleaning arsenal. You can use it to clean your bathroom and floor tiles, deodorize your refrigerator and carpet, polish your silverware, and clean your drains—there are hundreds of ways Arm & Hammer Baking Soda can make your Christmas chores easy. Not to mention, as you complete your Christmas chores, you can bring out the creativity within you, by downloading our Holiday Gift Guide. Click here to download. You can also enter for a chance to win that Arm & Hammer hamper by testing your memory with this game. Click here to play

Renuzit, for that fresh and clean scent: With scents like Lovely Lavender, After the Rain, and Blissful Apple Cinnamon, Renuzit air fresheners have the fragrances you need to enhance the results of your hard work. This Christmas, treat your family to freshness in every room!

Glow up for the ‘Gram: If you plan to document your festivities this season with photos and videos, look your best with the Diquez range of beauty products such as the Cocoa Butter to keep your skin hydrated or the versatile Baby Oil that could also be used to keep your skin and hair shiny and soft. You should have glowing skin all year round! Diquez – a tradition of love! For a listing of all our brands that will help you with your Christmas chores click here.

For Diquez product listing click here

As we celebrate this holiday season, remember to practice your social distancing and keep safe.

Save this Season…with Oscar Francois



MPower Promotional Directories

MPowerTT…Disrupting the way YOU Sees Deals

Mpower is redefining how businesses attract and retain customers by providing them with customizable and scalable marketing tools and promotional platforms that will assist them to grow their business profitably.

These platforms will include the following Promotional Directories:

  • Culinary Explosion:
    • 1st – 30th  July
  • Health & Wellness:
    • 16th March – 16th May
  • Mother’s & Father’s Day Promotion:
    • 1st April – 20th June
  • Back to School:
    • 1st Jul – 31st Aug
  • Staycation
    • 1st Jun – 31st Aug
  • Christmas Deals & Promotion
    • 1st Oct – 31st Dec

The cost of each platform is  TT$2,500.00.

Book three (3) promotional platforms and received the 4th FREE.

Benefits include:

  • Customize Promotional Platform
  • Listing up to 15 items on
  • FREE Shipping on purchase $500.00 and over for customers
  • Sponsored Facebook Ads
  • SMS – Digicel Platform (50k) for the directory
  • Google Display Banners
  • Native Content

Book your spot today and save!

  • Call: 1.868.393.0680 or 1.868.788.7405
  • Email:
  • Click here to register.

Digital Customer Loyalty Program

In today’s highly competitive environment, customers generally are not loyal to any one organisation, unless that organisation is providing them with some element of reward(s). Customer loyalty programs are critical to companies surviving in the market today. Not just any loyalty program, but one that is adaptive to suit the needs of the customers. The most adaptive program tends to be a Digital Loyalty Program which can be extended to include referral rewards and points for user-generated content shared by your customers.

Some benefits your company will experience after implementing a digital loyalty program.

  1. Increase your overall revenue. According to invespcro, it cost 5 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. Your existing customers spend up to 20 times more than a new customer. With such trust, your existing customer’s increase spending will rebound to increase revenue for your business.
  2. Flexible & High Growth Potential: Having a good Digital Loyalty Program allows your plan to be mobile and fluid. With this in mind, the plan can be very adaptive to the environment by changing and improving your rewards and marketing strategies.
  3. Attract new customers: A Digital Loyalty Program can be used to attract new customers who may not have supported your brand previously. This attraction can be accomplished through things such as offering points for joining the program and ensuring the rewards are beneficial and achievable.
  4. Always available and easy to use. Because your target audience always has their mobile phones in their presence, creating a Digital Loyalty Program provides an opportunity for high participation in your program. The loyalty program can be easily retrieved from their mobile wallet.
  5. Data gathering: Implementing a Digital Loyalty Program, allows you to gather critical information before the potential customer joins your program, which can be used for retargeting in future promotions. These data can include email, phone numbers, names, addresses, etc.

MPower Coupon Directory

Why a Coupon Directory?

Thanks to the rise of the smartphone, people are connected at all times. Businesses should respond to this by providing Digital Coupon Directories to the right audience at the perfect time. This way you stimulate brand awareness, improve your reputation, and trigger conversions.

What is a Coupon Directory?

A Mobile Coupon Directory is a collection of all your digital deals in one place. There’s no need to promote separate discounts if you can easily collect all your discounts in one digital place and reduce the promotion effort.


  • User-friendly: Categories and search functionality.
  • Customizable: Rebrand and customize your Digital Coupons.
  • Personalization: The right offer, at the right time to the right person.
  • User registration: Require users to register themselves before accessing the Coupon Directory.
  • Trigger conversions: Stimulate desirable behavior.
  • One place, multiple deals: One digital place, multiple digital deals.
  • Payment integrations: Allow user registration fees before accessing the directory.
  • Maps integration: Show the location of your store.

We make it easy!

One-stop solution for the creation, distribution, and validation of Mobile Coupons and Mobile Coupon Directories. [Your Company] simplifies maintaining relationships with your audience.

Digital Coupon Directories are quick wins. With a minimum effort, you can reach immense potential.

Distribution Channels

  • Native Content
  • SMS – Digicel Handset
  • Google Display Ads
  • Sponsored Social Media

Click here to see Sample Directory:


With the “Festive Holiday Season” fast approaching, companies must contemplate on how to satisfy the needs of consumers gift-giving during the current COVID-19 pandemic experience. This has become very necessary as the global pandemic has changed how we interact with the world around us. One way in which you can satisfy such a need is through Digital Gift Cards, as all indications from research conducted show that consumers will opt for gift cards as opposed to purchasing whatever they had originally planned to avoid crowds and stay safe.

For businesses like yours, adaptation is necessary to survive, and creating a gift card platform during this period could spell the difference between a profit or a loss.

With this in mind, MPower Proximity Marketing through its Coupon & Promotional Platform has developed the much-needed Digital Voucher & Gift Card Solution.

Now more then ever, Gift Cards make good business sense. Not only do gift cards provide growth opportunities for sales, but they also encourage both new businesses and repeat business opportunities. At a time when everyone will be competing for consumer attention, gift cards will make it easier for customers to engage with your brands this holiday season.

Book a demo today and receive a 15% discount.

MPower Single-use Coupons

Integrating single-use coupons in your marketing strategy?

Single-use coupon is a great strategy to build and sustain a great relationship with your customers. It is a coupon that can only be used once by a specific customer and generate a sense of exclusivity. This provides an opportunity for the marketer to engage with the customer at a certain point in the customer’s journey with the brand. Be it acquisition, engagement, or retention.

Key elements for your single-use coupons

  • It contains a unique code
  • Can be delivered to a specific device and/or individual
  • Cease to be usable upon redemption
  • Supports simultaneous multi-channel delivery and expiration

Success with single-use coupons

The key to success with a single-use coupon strategy is ensuring distribution and redemption security. Your single-use coupon campaign must ensure that:

  • Consumers can use the coupon only once, providing a true omnichannel experience;
  • Unique codes allow tracking down to the individual user level to allow for both targeting and deep analysis;
  • The experience should be seamless and immediate;
  • Coupons should expire immediately upon redemption.
  • Any system used must have the technology and capabilities to ensure a seamless experience for the consumer and a high level of accuracy and tracking capabilities for the retailer.

For further insights and development of your single-use coupon contact MPower Proximity Marketing @1.868.393.0680 or

MPower Culinary Explosion

MPowerTT is inviting your Restaurant to be part of MPowerTT Culinary Explosion Promotion carded for 1st -30th June 2020. (dependent on COVID-19 official announcements).

When we speak of Trinidad & Tobago, the name at times may evoke images of partying under the stars, endless fun and good times on Carnival Monday & Tuesday, taking romantic strolls on the shores of Tobago beaches and experiencing multiple festivals.

However, visitors may be surprised that there’s another incredible attraction or to put it a “whole new world” to this Trinidad & Tobago beauty: That’s right, “The Food”. The country has an incredible culinary tradition to offer. It’s a whole different type of discovery and we promise you that it is very rewarding! In this light, we are bringing together in one digital experience the best T&T has to offer, through our Culinary Explosion Promotion.

Mpower Culinary Explosion intends to take you from a simple sublime street foods experience to a fine dining experience, one that will not be experienced anywhere else. It’s all about bringing together the amazing options the island has to offer to the foodies and diners alike.

It’s an opportunity where Restaurants and Street Foods alike can create special discounted prix fixe menus where customers can be treated to sumptuous meals beyond their existing price point.

People will be encouraged to support the various promotions and to sample the variety of cuisine that is available in T&T.

Prizes will be awarded randomly to patrons who dine at most restaurants during the festival.

About MPower 

MPowerTT is about redefining how businesses attract and retain customers by providing them with customizable and scalable marketing tools and services through our retail marketing platforms. Its where Businesses Grow and Customers Save. Our goal is to build and shape the daily habit in local commerce and businesses by offering a vast mobile and online marketplace experiences where people can discover and save. It’s all about enabling and facilitating commerce across local businesses


  1. Promotion of your brand and its products/services on
  2. Customized coupon to aid in the development of building a database which will be used for retargeting.
  3. Dedicated landing page highlighting individual recipes and promotion
  4. E-commerce capabilities for pre-bookings
  5. Native Content – light fun interview with the head chef of respective restaurants or street food joint.
  6. Social Media & Google Display Promotion

Sample Links

  1. Sample Coupon Platform. This will be personalized with your brand logo and promotion.
  2. Loyalty Platform (to track the number of restaurants and street food visited).
  3. Sample Promotional Directory: This directory will.


Home Grown –  TT$1,000.00

  1. Listing on
  2. Customize promotional coupon platform
  3. Dedicated landing page for displaying the promotion.

Lime –  TT$1,600.00

  1. Listing on
  2. Customize promotional coupon platform
  3. Dedicated landing page for displaying the promotion.
  4. Native Content

Flavors –  TT$2,500.00

  1. Listing on
  2. Customize promotional coupon platform
  3. Dedicated landing page for displaying the promotion.
  4. Native Content
  5. E-commerce capability for pre-booking
  6. SMS Messages to Digicel Handsets
  7. Dedicated Social Media & Google Display promotion by brands


Additional artwork package fee of $500.00 for brands requiring artwork. These will include the following creatives:

  • MpowerTT Listing
  • Facebook Post
  • Google Display Ads
  • Coupon Logo & Image
  • Native Content Article

Click here to participate in MPower Culinary Promotion

We do look forward to your participation

You can also connect with us using:



Thanking you in advance


MPowerTT Culinary Explosion