In an organization and in our personal lives we are faced with many challenges. Building resilience is the key to transforming our challenges into successes. What’s critical is first, believing in who you are, knowing you were Born to Win. The book identifies tried and true principles that have been used to overcome challenges and contribute to the personal growth and development of individuals. Over the past fifteen years, Sally-Ann Bharat has studied personal and organizational behavior. She has been passionate about helping others grow and develop successfully, navigate through obstacles of various sizes within and outside the work environment. And for the first time, she teaches everything she has gleaned about what it takes to believe in yourself in the midst of adversity. The best investment you can make is in YOU! Sally teaches . . .
A New Beginning: How to Bounce Back from a Job Loss
Shattering the Self-Imposed Glass Ceiling
Tips for Working with A Toxic Boss
Overcoming Leadership Challenges
Becoming Teachable in the workplace
This first book in Sally Ann Bharat’s series will help you overcome various challenges within an organization and also within your personal life.


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